Morning Gratitude

I never used to be a morning person. Polar opposite. Probably because I used to stay up so late. I never wanted anything to be “over.”

But now, it’s different. When I wake up before everyone else, it’s so quiet and peaceful. I can do anything I want with no interruption.

So I walk. To me, dawn is the most beautiful time to walk.

20200123_075100 (1)Morning is intoxicating.

I love watching the sun slowly creep above the palms, first dappling then dazzling the small ripples made by the ducks and herons in the lake I always pass. I love inhaling the bacon and coffee wafting down from half-open high-rise windows. I love taking in the quiet before the morning storm.

Morning is empowering.

Just watching the world wake up each day restores me. I feel like anything is possible and I’ve got the jump on it.

Morning is humbling.

I feel connected to humanity through this shared morning ritual. Despite how different we are, I’m surrounded by dozens of strangers all doing whatever it is they do to rise and greet the day.

My ritual is gratitude.


2 thoughts on “Morning Gratitude

  1. Katrina! What a nice surprise finding you in my inbox :)You’re lucky to be able to walk outside straight into all that, and luckier to feel the way you do about it.Amit 

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  2. Amit! What a nice surprise to see you are subscribed to my blog! It’s been ages since I’ve posted obviously. I am soooo lucky to live in paradise and have the time and health to appreciate it. Hope all is well with you and Clearya!

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