Posted in January 2011

Farewell Letter to Waiora

It’s a day in history. It should be recorded. Dear My Beloved Waiora Family, Thank you everyone for my lunch today and for all the good times weโ€™ve had over the past three years. Iโ€™m running the gamut of emotions todayโ€ฆexcited, nervous, sad, nostalgic, queasy, bloated and extremely ready for a cocktail. Yes, being ready … Continue reading

Aim High

Aim High

So I’m in the ER with my grandma (don’t worry she’s fine), and like most ER visits, there was a whole lot of waiting around. During our stint in the temp room we had a revolving door of personnel, one being a very cute guy. I was walking down the hall and he says โ€œHey, … Continue reading

Proceed with Caution

So I’ve been telling myself one day that I’m going to write a book, but I can’t seem to commit to which day yet. However, I’ve been told that if I keep a journal, it’ll be easier to keep my thoughts in order, and possibly extract something book-worthy from that. I’ve never been the diary-sort. … Continue reading