Posted in January 2011

Farewell Letter to Waiora

It’s a day in history. It should be recorded. Dear My Beloved Waiora Family, Thank you everyone for my lunch today and for all the good times we’ve had over the past three years. I’m running the gamut of emotions today…excited, nervous, sad, nostalgic, queasy, bloated and extremely ready for a cocktail. Yes, being ready … Continue reading

Aim High

Aim High

So I’m in the ER with my grandma (don’t worry she’s fine), and like most ER visits, there was a whole lot of waiting around. During our stint in the temp room we had a revolving door of personnel, one being a very cute guy. I was walking down the hall and he says “Hey, … Continue reading

Proceed with Caution

So I’ve been telling myself one day that I’m going to write a book, but I can’t seem to commit to which day yet. However, I’ve been told that if I keep a journal, it’ll be easier to keep my thoughts in order, and possibly extract something book-worthy from that. I’ve never been the diary-sort. … Continue reading