Farewell Letter to Waiora

It’s a day in history. It should be recorded.

Dear My Beloved Waiora Family,

Thank you everyone for my lunch today and for all the good times we’ve had over the past three years. I’m running the gamut of emotions today…excited, nervous, sad, nostalgic, queasy, bloated and extremely ready for a cocktail. Yes, being ready for a cocktail is a feeling! I think they call it withdrawals…Anyway, I’ll miss everyone terribly, but I really would like to stay in touch, and not in that “I’m just saying that to be polite” kinda way. My email address is Katrina.turner@gmail.com and my phone number is 561-504-5262 so please don’t forget about me! Or stalk me, please don’t do that either.

All my love and water chestnuts,

Katrina “like a rock-star” Turner

a.k.a Aluminum, Dewey, Shammy, Rock Swivel, Social Butterfly, and probably a few I’m not aware of…

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