Mazel Tov

Okay, I’ve been a very baaaad blogger. But it’s okay, I’m going to make up for it by being a good Jew! Today is Passover, and I plan to have my very first cedar. Usually in my family, we gather, we kibbutz, we eat and we bolt. But tonight, we’re doing things a little differently. Would you like a little piety with your Manischewitz? Why yes, don’t mind if I do… UPDATE! Wow I just realized it’s been one year since I wrote this and I never finished it! Last year we had ten plague finger puppets and Elijah totally snuck in and drank the wine!

2011 Passover (featuring all ten finger puppets)

This year we read the four questions a la Dr. Seuss, which was fun. I think we’re all getting a little excited about the arrival of a new family member. I decided to resurrect the finger plague puppets except I only had eight plagues left, which is good because who needs extra plagues?

Guess which plague that is…

2012 Passover (featuring First Born finger puppet)

2012 Passover (featuring First Born finger puppet)

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