Plant-Based Products for People Who Think Homeopathy is Hooey

Hi friends,

Many of you private messaged me to ask about my personal experience with Touchstone Essentials products so I thought it would be easier to write it all out.

If you’re just tuning in, I’ve been taking plant-based supplements for about 7 years. For focus, for detox, for weight loss, for pain, for immune support, for protein – all of it 100% natural.

This is coming from someone who used to believe that for a product to work it had to be either prescribed or illegal.

PSA: Homeopathy doesn’t replace science or western medicine. For god’s sake if you’re sick have some common sense. Prevention and supporting your body’s own ability to protect and heal itself is quite frankly a no-brainer. 

For starters, detoxification.

A little over seven years ago, when I was pregnant with my daughter, Avalea, I started taking this detox product from Touchstone Essentials for ridding your body of heavy metals. Specifically, mercury since I ate a lot of sushi before I found out.

At every ultrasound visit, I was told I had the clearest images they’d ever seen [evidently this is a rare thing]. Avalea was born without jaundice, colic or any of the commonplace irritations or minor complications, and she was a very easy-going baby/toddler [we only had to tie her down a few times]. Anyway, she’s still a great kid, and I still take this product, and I’ve been sick exactly three times – in 7 years [not counting hangovers].

To me it makes a lot of sense.

Rid your body of the crap that’s getting in the way of your body’s own protection and self-healing system and let it do its thing. 

Later they came out with a nanosized product that cleanses on a cellular level. I can write an entire blog about the difference and why I take both, but for now, just ask.

After the insanity of new motherhood [somewhat] subsided, I turned my attention to losing weight. I started taking another one of their products that both curbed my appetite, gave me energy and helped me focus. It was the combination of focus and fullness coupled with the flexibility of Weight Watchers [shout-out to CTown] that helped me drop more than 30 lbs.

To get my protein while staying under my points [this was before freestyle] I would sometimes make zero-point fruit smoothies with this protein powder and it made an excellent meal replacement. I still take the focus product religiously every day for energy and productivity, and my wife/daughter love the protein powder – hidden in a smoothie of course.

PSA: You can hide almost anything in a smoothie. In addition to the protein, my wife/daughter will also drink this green juice with a bunch of superfoods, as long as it’s hidden in a smoothie. Considering my kid pretty much only eats chicken nuggets and pop tarts, this is a win.

Don’t judge. I can hear you judging. Just. Don’t.

Fast forward to my forties (and I mean fast right?).

You know those little aches and pains you get? A kink in the neck here, a hitch in your giddy up there? The ones you chalk up to being in your 40s? I’d had this one pain in my neck to where I couldn’t turn my head as far as my shoulder.

I tried it all. Cold compress, heating pad, new pillow, Aleve/Tylenol/Ibuprofen. It was so bad I couldn’t turn my head far enough to back out of a parking space. I literally made my peace with the universe [and honked maniacally] every time I had to back out of anywhere. Heaven forbid I had to change lanes.

Anyway, this company came out with a topical CBD product. It wasn’t like Tiger Balm or Aspercreme or Icy Hot or anything that you instantly feel [or smell from a block away]. Naturally, I assumed it wouldn’t work.

I mean if it doesn’t burn or stink it won’t work right?

Still it did have this incredibly soothing lavender scent, so I thought what the hell, if anything at least my wife is willing to rub my neck with it [I’m on my own with Tiger Balm]. So, I tried it out. About 10-15 minutes my pain was gone. Now I swear by it.

As incredible as all of this has been, the most miraculous testimonial I have heard doesn’t belong to me.

Recently a family member was suffering from intense pain due to polymyalgia rheumatica – I have no idea what that means but she was having a difficult time sleeping and suffering from inflammation.

Now let me preface this with saying that this woman is of a generation that only does what a doctor tells them to do. None of that homeo-mumbo-jumbo junk. And she would never, ever take anything illegal.

As prescribed by her doctor, she started smoking medical marijuana, which in and of itself was hilarious to me. Unsurprisingly, she didn’t like the psychoactive effects. She started researching CBD oil and mentioned it to me passively.

I told her that the company I get my supplements from came out with a CBD oil. I hadn’t tried it, but their track record is enough to tell me that the quality and value would surpass anything she’d tried. She was concerned about the “high.”

PSA: CBD is not pot people. There is no high.

It amazes me how many people still think this.

Anyway, I held her down, squirted some CBD under her tongue and sent her on her way. She called the next day and said it helped incredibly with her pain enabling her to sleep through the night for the first time in months. Now she’s on her third bottle, says her pain is cut by 80% and texts me the minute she’s about to run out.

It’s like I’m her dealer.

After watching this happen for her, I thought maybe I should try the oil. Remember that neck pain? Gone. Also, it doesn’t make me sleepy, but it puts me in a relaxed state. It’s like wine without the calories or Xanax without the minor coma.

PSA: There’s a ton of crap out there. Again, I could write an entire blog about it, but for now do your homework before buying CBD.

The CBD Oil this company has is 100% natural and organic, with safe CO2 extraction methods [no solvents], uses premium hemp strains grown in the USA, is full spectrum for entourage, has no preservatives or fillers, is 25mg per ml, uses an advanced nano-emulsification technology for maximum absorbency, and has ZERO THC – with publicly posted third-party Lab Reports, Certificates of Quality Assurance and Certificates of Analysis for every batch.

Basically, it’s all the good none of the bad.

Being the devil’s advocate that I am [and let’s face it – cheapskate], I thought yeah, but surely, I can find it for less online. Nothing even close.

Like I said, do your homework.

I am not here to sell you anything you don’t want. I am not going to invite you to any online parties, privately message you or ask you to tag three friends.

I AM happy to share some pretty life-changing products with anyone who needs them. And yes, if you buy something, I will get a commission. But if you’re buying it anyway, why not buy it from someone you know and trust?

And if you don’t know anyone like that, you might as well buy it from me.

Oh, and there’s a money-back guarantee if it doesn’t work out, so there’s that.

Anyway, if you’re still reading and you want to check out all the products, here is a link.

If you don’t need the products, but want to check out some cools stuff like how toxins can make you fat or how CBD oil impacts the brain, go here.

If you don’t need the products, but know someone who does, #sharingiscaring.

And if you don’t get help here, get help somewhere.



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