What Not To Do When Reporting for Jury Duty

It’s not my first rodeo at jury duty, but for some reason I made so many rookie mistakes today. I blame it on sleep deprivation. For those of you yet to be summoned (but really more of a note to self for future reference), here are 12 tips for a smooth experience reporting for jury duty in Palm Beach County.

  1. DO bring your lunch if you want to save $. There is a refrigerator that no one uses.
  2. DO eat at Don’s Coffee Spot if you don’t bring your lunch.
  3. DON’T worry about change for soda, the machines take credit cards AND Apple Pay.
  4. DO stick around to watch Don play his guitar. He might let you jam with him.
  5. DO bring a laptop. There is free Wi-Fi.
  6. DO park in the public parking lot as fees will be validated.
  7. DON’T break your neck to arrive by 8am-no one cares and there’s a line anyway.
  8. DO fill out the back of your jury card BEFORE you get in said line.
  9. DON’T wear knee-high hooker boots. Security will make you remove them.
  10. DON’T hum stripper music when removing said boots. Security will not tip you.
  11. DON’T attempt to smuggle in a fork for your lunch-it will be confiscated.
  12. DON’T leave your parking ticket in your car lest you’ll be forced to relive #9 and quite possibly #10.

You’re welcome.


13. DO try to make the best of your jury duty. I did.


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