Caught Using the F-Word

Don’t get caught letting FEAR debilitate your dreams.

First, figure out exactly what makes you afraid. Pinpoint it.

Is it lack of knowledge?

Ask someone. The world is full of people who have been right where you are.

Is it lack of resources?

Use your imagination! If you’re hungry enough, you’ll figure out a way to eat. It’s called survival. Living your dream is no less important than being alive.

Are you afraid of the word, “No?”

Don’t be. For every “No” you get under your belt, you’re that much closer to a “YES.” So don’t dwell on the “No’s.” They’re sleeping. There are more than seven billion people in the world – move on.

There are also more than seven billion excuses for being afraid. And that’s all fear really is – an excuse.

Anyone with the presence of mind and purity of intent to seek out their true purpose in this world has nothing to fear.

A true dream is selfless and comes from within. Once you open yourself up to receive it, the answers will come. As long as you continue to be truthful to yourself and mindful of doing the next right thing, the universe will take care of the rest.

Above all, believe in yourself and what you can accomplish. No one will be angry with you for believing in yourself, and if they are, consider the source. If you have faith in yourself then you have hope, and hope trumps fear every time.

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