Who Will Survive Promo-geddon?

Dear Brands,

It’s not me. It’s you. Your endless promotions in my inbox are making my head spin. It’s getting kind of ridiculous. Just the other day I got an email for a “Spring Black Friday” sale. Pretty soon it’ll be the “Oh look it’s Tuesday” sale.

Stop the madness. Start focusing on relationships.

According to a recent article in Forbes, “…the price of retail success will never be found on a tag. It will be registered with the emotions of the consumer.”

At the end of promo-geddon, the brands left standing will be the brands with a strong belief in the quality and value of their wares, likable personalities, relatable stories, and above all, genuine relationships with their customers.

People still buy people.

Social media has made brands accountable. At the same time, it has given them a chance to become human. Hey Brand, give me a reason to humanize you. Make me want to be your friend. Treat me as if I am your friend.

Make every business decision pass this litmus test.

Would I do business this way with my friend? Would I knowingly sell something of sub-par quality to my friend? Would I give a stranger a better deal than my friend because it’s more important for me to have new friends than value my existing ones?

You don’t have to bribe me to be your friend; you just have to be real. Give me a fair price, and maintain the integrity of your sales by limiting them. I can’t keep up with your midday dashes.

Own it.

Be transparent. Be honest. Own your mistakes and go the extra mile to right a wrong. Mistakes are what make us human. Caring is what makes us friends. Our friendship is what makes me loyal.

Believe in it.

As long as you’re giving me something special, of good quality, that I can’t find anywhere else, then you’re offering me something of value, and I have no problem paying for it. Why not stand behind that value?

The promo-coaster can’t last forever, so it’s up to you to make your move. This is your brand. This is your business. This is your legacy.

I’d much rather go out believing in my brand than suffer a slow death by discount. It just makes sense. If you don’t believe in what you do, who will?

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