Facebook’s Instant Article: How Will It Affect Marketers?

Facebook’s instant articles could be good for marketers IF Facebook and Google learn to play nice with each other.

WSJ Excerpt: Facebook will host articles from nine media organizations on its mobile app starting Wednesday as part of an experiment that offers attractive terms for publishers, but also risks deepening their reliance on the social network for traffic. Read more…

Links to ads within articles are extremely effective IF your article is searchable. Will Facebook articles appear in a Google search? As of right now, Googling “Facebook instant article” only yields news sites and blogs, nothing linking directly to any content on Facebook.

People still depend on Google to find things. They depend on Facebook to vet their findings.

These two giants need to work together. Fusing keyword, semantic and peer-recommendation search will result in more qualified leads for marketers and less noise for consumers. They should have been doing this ages ago.

If Google and Facebook played nice, this would be a win-win for everyone. Come on guys, the world is an abundant place. Can’t we all just get along?

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