Don’t “K” Me Bro

Normally I absolutely adore the letter K. It’s the first letter of my name, so I should love it. But there is one instance that has reared its ugly head too many times.

It’s that ambiguous, one-letter, text response laced with either passive aggression, aloof indifference or worst of all, laziness. If you can’t put your little thumb on the “o” I can’t even deal with you. I don’t even need a full “okay.” A simple “ok” will suffice.

And those of you with talk-to-text, don’t even get me started.

My grandma “K’s” me all the time. I finally just got her to stop texting in all caps though, so she gets a pass. I would rather her “K” me than shout. Plus she’s nearly 80.

The rest of you have no excuse. None, bro.


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