I Can Hear Myself Getting Fatter

So Baby T. and I went to the doctor on Tuesday for a checkup and the nurses were mad at me because I’d lost 2 lbs. Personally I don’t buy it. My clothes, face and dining etiquette all suggest otherwise. Maybe it’s from laying off the sauce.

I tried to explain to the nurses that this could be a GOOD thing. I had so much extra to begin with, the baby could probably feed off me for a few months and be totally fine. 

I was pretty much at my full-term pregnancy weight before I got pregnant if that means anything. Look! I ATE A BABY!

I don’t see what the big deal is. I figure I can just maintain and then birth out about 30 lbs. Then I’d be back to my fighting weight circa 2007. Well my sumo fighting weight anyway.

The nurses told me to eat a burger and stfu…

Okay well not exactly in those words. 

The scale at the doc’s office can’t be right. Seriously, if my boobs get any heavier I’m going to have to loop my bra straps to my heels for extra support.

Plus it’s not as if I’m trying to lose weight. I’m downright feisty about food. I mean look at that poor guy. He’s about to lose a finger.

You TOUCH my noodles and I will wipe that face right off your head sir.

***UPDATE JUNE 15 2012***

So I’m now at my halfway mark and I’m FINALLY starting to look more like a pregnant woman and less like a lard ass. 

20 Weeks (five months for people who speak normally)

It appears that my boobs are on a mission to outgrow my belly.

Seriously guys. That’s enough.

***UPDATE JULY 16 2012***

The boobs are still in it to win it.

24 Weeks (six months)

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