It’s a Bad Day When Even Your Dog Steps in Gum

Bacchus had the worst day yesterday. Poor guy had the shits. I felt so bad watching him hover til his hind quads shook. I couldn’t even give him a magazine or anything. THEN as if that weren’t enough he stepped in gum.

Luckily I remembered reading somewhere that peanut butter gets gum out of hair. I figured fur is like hair.  I rubbed peanut butter all over his paw and he was super happy about that. Problem was, all I had was crunchy so he had nutty bits between his toes for a minute.

Today he had a big visit to the vet for his comprehensive exam. I felt bad with the vets working on the Easter holiday. I mean I didn’t do anything for Easter still, but it’s the principle of the thing. I imagine animals are non-denominational though and being, Americans we do have a tendency to accommodate.

Bacchus probably would’ve been happy if they’d been closed too. He’s not a big fan of comprehensive exams. I don’t blame him. I wasn’t either. How than people expect you to remember everything you learned from six months ago?

Bacchus is a champ though, he passed with flying colors and the nice vet tech gave him a pedicure for FREE! She said it was cause I was so nice on the phone when they called me to come pick him up. BONUS! We were both so happy! Me because of his free mani/pedi and him, well I’m not sure, he’s pretty much always happy in the car. We both slobbered in joy all the way home. Our own personal homage to the pig’s weeeeeeeeee…..

My dog is such a pimp.

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