Tips for Creating Business Videos That Customers Will Watch

As a 12-year marketer, I know a lot of tips and tricks. Yet somehow I’m still a sucker for infomercials. Even when I KNOW I’m getting “infomercialed” I still take the bait.

Seriously, I own or have owned a ShamWOW, a Shoes Under, a Snuggie, a Magic Jack and don’t even get me started on the Shakeweight.

I even dabbled in the idea of slinging Slankets at one time, which, if you didn’t know, were the original Snuggies. They of course never made it because they a) charged way too much and b) had no franchisee plan in place for people seeking to sling Slankets like myself – I know because I called.

The point is, how can someone who is fully aware of the snake oil salesman‘s prowess still be charmed? 

Evidently there’s a mystical marketing method to viral video madness, and you don’t have to be Vince Offer or Billy Mays (may he rest in peace) to do it yourself.

Tips for Creating Business Videos That Customers Will Watch |


At least “As Seen on TV” offers a lot of fodder for hilarious, time-gobbling YouTube parodies such as the ShamWOW Miracle, Teach Me How to Snuggie and my favorite earworm, the  Slap Chop Rap.

Some can be downright catchy, and you can even get them on iTunes.

Not that I would know this firsthand.

Because I wouldn’t. 

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